One Mission. One Platform.

24/7 support platform

Tlero is easily accessible, through our web platform or iOS and Android apps, for support at the office, home or on the town.

Curated for Positivity

Tlero only showcases positive mental health articles, videos and podcasts, all tailored to each individual employee.

Summarised for ease

All Tlero content is skimmed and summarised into a maximum of 300 words for short, digestible reading.
Two thirds of mental health content on the web now has negative references. We work hard, handpicking each video, blog, article, and audio clip to ensure that our platform content is positive, engaging and full of recent resources covering a wide range of topics.
Tlero is a technology business centred around building employers up to succeed in improving mental health and wellbeing in their workplace. This is done through raising individuals’ mental health literacy levels through our straightforward and engaging platform.
Technology can enable businesses to reach out to individual employees in a very personal way. This is why our technology has features built in to make sure each employee is getting a bespoke experience, which is easily accessible at any time of the day or night.
We believe our platform has the power to make a difference through altering perceptions, emotions and actions for the good of us all. So join us in ending the workplace mental health crisis.


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