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Tlero is a wellbeing platform that works towards reducing stress, anxiety and depression to improve employee wellbeing in the workplace

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How it works

Our platform provides news stories, articles, videos and podcasts all relating to mental wellbeing to help build knowledge and get people talking.

We connect people with service providers in their local area to get them out and into the community where they can build strong support networks around them.

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Employees benefiting from Tlero

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A service tailored to you

Tlero is a completely anonymous platform – we don’t take names! Users can take our anonymous wellbeing checker to tailor the services to their exact needs.

By exploring the content available on Tlero, users can improve their knowledge around mental wellbeing.

Through our tailored ‘InstaConnections’ (video messages), users can opt to receive confidential callbacks from local service providers, so they don’t have to make the first move.

You’ll have access to an anonymised dashboard of aggregated stats that shows the engagement levels of your employees and gives you a better idea of the wellbeing of your workforce.

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Why us?

Mental health platforms often encourage users to spend time online which we think is a problem in itself!

At Tlero our aim is to get users online to ultimately get them offline, meeting new people, building support networks and getting support from the widest variety of services available.

With Tlero there’s no need for extensive internet searching: everything is in one place. We showcase externally funded support, news, videos, podcasts, events, all of which is designed to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

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Proactive not reactive

Services are traditionally reactive, relying on people contacting them. But at Tlero we know that sometimes making the first move is hard. This is why we proactively put users in touch with local service providers using our unique Instaconnect video messaging service.

Increasing choice means people have the best chance of getting the right support for their unique needs. We understand that everyone is different which is why we prefer to empower individuals to choose the services that they feel are the best fit for them, for example yoga classes, nutrition advice, one-to-one counselling, support groups and much more. Free Trial

What our clients say about us

As a provider of mindfulness courses this new service is going to be an invaluable way for me to connect to people who might not have heard about my service. A great new way to find support close to you that matches your requirements.

Nick Kientsch

CEO, Evolving Minds UK

The idea of being able to deal, in an innovative way, with stress in the work place is very appealing…I believe Tlero is an excellent portal for user wellbeing and a bonus for the modern business with all round user health in mind.

Duncan Cooper

Director Business Development, Particle Measuring Systems

If I had been able to connect with Tlero at the beginning of my mental health breakdown I believe that my journey would not have been so difficult or so painful. I would recommend to any user experiencing mental health difficulties to engage with Tlero if their employer offers such a service.

Lisa Seagroatt

Managing Director, HR Fit for Purpose

I lived with mental ill health for a period of time during my working life. Having access to this resource would have been a really useful tool in maintaining my productivity... a creative response to the increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace.

Eromi David

Authentic Lives

It is rare to see a genuine disruptor in an established industry. I believe that the proposition that Tlero offers to both organisations and their people is groundbreaking. They are providing the right solution at the right time - and certainly to the right place, which is local to the user.

Malcolm Nicholson

Coaching Director, Aspecture

Tlero is a simple and intuitive way to help employees identify and manage their own stress, anxiety or depression, while building knowledge, self-awareness and real world connections... hugely empowering

Flick Hardingham

Founder of We Are Habit


Meet the team

  • Gabriel Saclain
    Gabriel Saclain

    CEO & Founder

  • Dr Rosalind Bergemann
    Dr Rosalind Bergemann

    Implementation Strategist

  • Claudia Stankler
    Claudia Stankler

    Head of Operations

  • Tom Hayden
    Tom Hayden

    Business Development Manager

  • Dan Wints
    Dan Wints

    Brand Ambassador

  • Rosie Vare
    Rosie Vare

    Content Manager

  • Mike Duma
    Mike Duma

    Board Director - CTO

  • Vikas Gujadhur
    Vikas Gujadhur

    Board Director - Strategy

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    Warren Whyte

    Board Director - Marketing

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    David Frankish

    Board Member - Finance

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    Roei Samuel

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    Trevor Crouch

    Project Manager

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    Jon Foster

    UX Strategist

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    Nick Hexter

    Senior Designer

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    Mike Barlow

    Senior Developer

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    Alex Whinfield

    Senior Developer

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At Tlero, we value your opinion. So if you have a question about our service, or just want some more information, give us a shout and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours. 020 3662 6792