Employee Mental Health. Sorted.

Tlero positively engages with employees through an anonymised and bespoke

mental health platform.

How it works

Aggregated newsfeed including daily topical articles, educational videos and informative podcasts

Unlimited range of topics covering the mental health spectrum through personalised channels

Tailored content via our in-built Wellbeing Checker Algorithm

Anonymised stats allowing organisations to understand the mental wellbeing of their employees

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Employees benefiting from Tlero

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If you think we can help your organisation, email demo@tlero.com

Building knowledge

Everything in one place including the latest news curated by Tlero to raise awareness of mental health and reduce stigma.

Employees can personalise their newsfeed by switching on the ‘mental health channels’ they are most interested in to build their education. Book a demo

Identifying mental health

‘In-built’ wellbeing checker allows HR to identify levels of employee stress, anxiety and depression including symptoms and possible causes in order to increase support. Book a demo

Supporting your employees

Videos and podcasts are relevant to a user’s interests and personalised to their mental health such as sleep, relationships etc. This content is delivered by professionals and internally verified to offer staff tools and practical skills to feel better. Book a demo

Understanding your organisation

Aggregated and anonymised data provided to help managers understand their employee’s mental health:

  • Breakdown of the main stated causes of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Reported trends in stress, anxiety and depression from our unique ‘Wellbeing checker’

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What our clients say about us

As a provider of mindfulness courses this new service is going to be an invaluable way for me to connect to people who might not have heard about my service. A great new way to find support close to you that matches your requirements.

Nick Kientsch

CEO, Evolving Minds UK

The idea of being able to deal, in an innovative way, with stress in the work place is very appealing…I believe Tlero is an excellent portal for user wellbeing and a bonus for the modern business with all round user health in mind.

Duncan Cooper

Director Business Development, Particle Measuring Systems

If I had been able to connect with Tlero at the beginning of my mental health breakdown I believe that my journey would not have been so difficult or so painful. I would recommend to any user experiencing mental health difficulties to engage with Tlero if their employer offers such a service.

Lisa Seagroatt

Managing Director, HR Fit for Purpose

I lived with mental ill health for a period of time during my working life. Having access to this resource would have been a really useful tool in maintaining my productivity... a creative response to the increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace.

Eromi David

Authentic Lives

It is rare to see a genuine disruptor in an established industry. I believe that the proposition that Tlero offers to both organisations and their people is groundbreaking. They are providing the right solution at the right time - and certainly to the right place, which is local to the user.

Malcolm Nicholson

Coaching Director, Aspecture

Tlero is a simple and intuitive way to help employees identify and manage their own stress, anxiety or depression, while building knowledge, self-awareness and real world connections... hugely empowering

Flick Hardingham

Founder of We Are Habit


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